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Stories in this Collection:

Horse With Sunglasses

A boy steals his mother's car and runs away from home, seeking out his older brother who ran away years back, following his advice to the very end.

Image by Sayan Ghosh

The Lamp Shop

A city torn apart by soldiers and rebels. A father tends to his lamp shop none the less, unwilling to choose sides. Then the day comes when the choice is made for him, when the darkness comes looking.

Hanging Lamp


Her mother ran off to the Costa Rican cloud forest where they used to spend summers and hear stories of the witch who lived among the trees.

Image by Zach Lezniewicz

The Brothers' Box

When they were kids the power got out of hand, and now years later things have gotten even worse. The brothers have a box and in it they can put anything they imagine, or anyone

Image by Jouwen Wang

The Truth In Three Cigarettes 

All she wanted was for him to feel the pain that she felt when her son was taken from her. She didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. 

Image by Nafis Al Sadnan

The Silkie

A monster has come to town in the shape of a man who lures women to their untimely demise, so it's probably not a good time to go on a blind date.

Image by Kiwihug

Enough is Enough

Someone is murdering entire farms of cows in California, hoping his message is clear: we're not taking care of our environment and I'm sick of it.

Image by Jo-Anne McArthur

All This For A Bottle Of Wine

He didn't get that perfect bottle of wine for his girlfriend for Valentine's, so now he and his roommate are driving to Napa the night before, only to find something hungry and not-quite-human terrorizing the winery. 

Image by Daniele Buso

The Loop

Have you ever looked into the eye of a devil? If you do, expect to do it again, and again, and again, and again, and--

Have you ever looked into the eye into the eye of a devil? 

Colored Space

The Piano Made Its Way

The life of a piano and the people it meets along the way.

Wooden Piano


A mysterious buzzing fills the ear of every human on earth. For some, it's annoying, for others it's punishment, and for many it's driving them insane. 

Image by Franco Antonio Giovanella

Hunting Hour

Out here, it's man versus hyena, and though his father takes that threat very seriously, the boy worries about his father's state of mind with a loaded rifle and the maddening cackles closing in.

Image by mana5280

Milton the Mirror Mender

Fixing mirrors was his task.

He never saw harm in that.

Some strangers come to him one day.

Telling Milton he must pay.

Image by Alex Iby

Mount Mad

Legend tells of a ghost in the abandoned Mount Madonna Inn who won't accept cash or credit card for your stay, only body parts.

MVIMG_20180528_124447 (1)_edited.jpg

Keiki Park

A family on vacation in Hawaii finds themselves in a secluded park filled with the ghosts of children who just want a new friend to play with.

Image by Laercio Cavalcanti


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